Vivek Kumar Singh
Vivek Kumar Singh
DBS Bank Limited
SRE Specialist

Vivek is experienced in DevOps with specialisation on containerisation. He has been with DBS for more than 4 years with hands-on experience spanning across automation tools, TMT, Public cloud, K8s, Openshift, Container security, DevOps pipeline etc.


10/19(星期三) 09:10 - 09:50
通識 英文

Containerisation allows applications to be “written once and run anywhere.” More than just adopting containers as an application format, a robust and scalable DevOps ecosystem is required in order to stay competitive and agile in the tech business. With the right abstractions, developers can interact with a Kubernetes platform more easily, leading to less effort and faster innovation. Join this talk to know “How we can enable developers to build & deploy microservices faster using Skopeo + Kaniko, packaged with Curated Base Images!”